Our services are wide-ranging but we don’t claim to be full-service. We provided a little rundown for some further clarification as to what we offer at Mirror Matter.

What We Do.

Mirror Matter concepts, directs and delivers. Our primary services are firmly based in brand development and content strategy. Do you have a new business venture in need of a brand? That’s a match. Do you have a historical company in need of a refresh? That’s great too. Maybe you need help targeting a new audience on social media or are releasing a new product at the end of the year and could use some extra buzz at a trade show. Mirror Matter works these issues from a high level, creative point of view.

What We Don’t Do.

We can’t do it all. And to be frank, you should always be weary of those who claim to be everything to everyone. We’re able to provide direction and conception for everything up until actual production. The good news is, we have plenty of vendor relationships in and out of town, relationships we greatly value and trust, that help facilitate your photography and videography needs.

Integrated Services.

Our primary services can be used to surround your target consumer. Not in a way where you become a nuisance. But in a way that comes your brand top of mind. What a consumer sees online should mirror what they see on a billboard during their commute. And that should be reflected in what they hear on the radio or see in the social feeds. Can you select services a la carte? Absolutely. But an omnichannel approach is always recommended.

Where We Start.

There’s no better place to begin than the beginning. The Mirror Matter team sits with each and every client so as to be as well-informed to start as possible. We then dive even deeper to learn everything there is to know, not only about your brand specifically, but your industry as a whole. Who is doing what and how is it effective? How are you seen today and how do you want to be seen tomorrow? These are just a few of the questions we ask during our initial meetings.

It Comes Down to Strategy and Execution.

No matter what your needs are, we work the problem. Don’t tell us what you need, tell us the issue you’re trying to solve or work around. That’s when our true creative nature shines through. And honestly, that’s what you should be paying your advertising to do. Our strategies are tailor-fit to your needs, and our services help you arrive at your destination sooner than expected.

Let’s Discuss.

For more information on Mirror Matter’s services and capabilities, or if you want to get together over a cup of coffee, please reach out to reflect@mirrormatter.agency.