Consumers are information-crazed. And they are willing to pay a premium for succinctly processed and delivered data. This notion is the basis for one of Mirror Matter’s first clients—Gamma Volatility.  

Gamma Volatility predicts the S&P 500 market index better than it predicts itself, offering subscribers valuable investment information for substantial portfolio managers. These portfolio managers make decisions on behalf of their investors, and Gamma Volatility better informs these decisions with the opportunity to make small, but consistent, profit margins that add up over time.

Previously operating under the brand Squeeze Metrics, the client required a new brand for Gamma Volatility—a brand that, aesthetically, walked a fine line between Silicon Valley startup and established Wall Street financial institution.


The result? A sleek logo that makes use of the Greek alphabet symbol for gamma. The brand is then carried through to the website portal interface, playing off the theme of shedding light on “dark pools”—private stock exchanges. The dark background allows for vibrant colors to pop in graphs and data feeds in Gamma Vol's website portal. Mirror Matter carried the new brand throughout the terminal design with a focus on sharp data organization. 


The final piece of the puzzle was a white paper template. The focus for this asset was clean information delivery. When dealing with a financially astute audience, there needs to be a modern look-and-feel but it can’t appear as if too many resources went into making things shiny. A delicate balance needs to be struck. And Mirror Matter prides itself on balanced creative and client satisfaction.


The result? A blend of sophistication and style. The white paper has the perfect amount of brand identity without overplaying color or art elements. It’s legitimizing while unassuming, allowing for the information (what Gamma Vol’s customers pay for) to take center stage without interruption.  

Armed with the necessary tools to successfully grow, we look forward to seeing Gamma Volatility blossom into a Wall Street go-to for neatly packaged and highly valuable market data.