Mirror Matter is an advertising agency that reflects before it reacts, ensuring every partnership is built on integrity and invention. Our focus is on calculated, thoughtful strategies that bring success into being.

Our mission is to communicate clearly, maximize our client’s dollar, inspire competition, and create advertising that is reflective of the world in which we want to live. We realize this mission through campaigns comprised of brand direction and content strategy.

If you need to fine tune your voice and polish up your look, we can help.


Physics defines mirror matter as a reflection of the everyday. A parallel series of particles balancing our universe. Unseen, unheard, but always present. We define it as a representation of you. Your every need meets its match, creating the picture perfect portrayal of your brand.


We represent the three critical pillars of a productive, creative shop: account strategy, copy and design. Countless sleepless nights have been dedicated to our craft, and contemplating its true meaning. We understand and value resourcefulness, and recognize compelling creative is the result of harmonious client relationships built on trust, and vice versa.


By weighing all things considered, Mirror Matter emulates what is best for and about your brand. Each one of the components we utilize to interpret and pilot your value is driven by steadfast moral and work ethics.


Brand Development

Graphic Design

Web Design

Photography Direction

Videography Direction


Social Media

Digital Advertising

Reputation Management

Traditional Advertising

3D Renderings

Presentation Design

Search Optimization

Content Marketing


Not seeing what you need? Mirror Matter’s primary focus is on the client. And sometimes those needs extend beyond our immediate and expert capabilities. That’s when we go out on your behalf to find the best of the best to execute services like animation and web development, under our creative direction.


James Millard | Director of Accounts

When it comes to client relationships, James is forthright and communicative because he believes that brand success is achieved through the free flow of thought and strategy. James uncovers your identity with business acumen fit for startups or established Fortune 50 companies. Mirroring client needs takes the form of optimized budgets, comprehensive workbacks and genuine accommodation. He collaborates with clients, earning their trust. It’s a traditional approach that can often go mistreated. It’s also why he commits to fostering Mirror Matter community involvement and outreach initiatives.

James can be reached at: james@mirrormatter.agency



Dan Stout | Creative Director, Copy

Dan oversees the conception of all projects, translating brands through logic, emotion and persuasion. He’s able to process large amounts of new information, distill its most valuable propositions, and communicate them in a succinct manner that is relevant to target audiences. Dan is the voice of our clients, able to quickly shift tone and context. And he has been the voice of national brands such as Tribune Media, LE CHATEAU and PlayStation. His open-minded approach to brand interpretation lends itself to social media curation, public relations efforts and digital marketing strategies.

Dan can be reached at: dan@mirrormatter.agency



Jeremy Banas | Creative Director, Design

Jeremy is the ultimate visual brand steward. From conception through execution, he envisions the brightest and boldest. Jeremy echoes the ways you want to be seen through fresh observation. And he’s done so for clients such as Any Level Lift, Ride Controller and Southern Diesel Truck Company. His artistic thought and vision brings your image to life through brand creation, renderings, collateral development, or something in between. Jeremy’s brand representations break through the noise to elevate your presence across digital, print, social and experiential platforms.

Jeremy can be reached at: jeremy@mirrormatter.agency



Jim Millard | Consulting Partner

Jim is a leader and entrepreneur who keeps Mirror Matter aligned with its vision. He infuses knowledge, wisdom, support and, as a seasoned healthcare executive, more than 30 years of management and leadership experience. In his most recent role as President and CEO of Kenmore Mercy Hospital, his attention to detail and focus on quality and customer satisfaction resulted in the hospital receiving numerous national awards and recognition. He now brings those same leadership qualities as added value to Mirror Matter clients in an effort to foster relationships and guide business efficiencies.

Jim can be reached at: jim@mirrormatter.agency